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Many car owners are installing PPF film on their vehicles. This is due to the fact that a car is exposed to various damages while driving.

Paint protection film is such a versatile and practical tool for counteracting mechanical damage to the body that it can be applied to any parts of the car . However, the specialists of our company recommend applying the film to those body elements of car parts which are regularly subjected to constant mechanical damage. These include: fenders, front and rear bumpers, hood, trunk elements, sills and mirrors.

In case of n case of the vehicle owner wants to get maximum protection for his car for many years to come, it is recommended to order full body coverage.

Today, it is generally believed that it was impossible to keep a beautiful look of your car without installing a PPF film on it.

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The Film we offer STEK Paint Protection Film is the best solution for protecting your new Tesla. Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a clear polyurethane film that can absorb impact damage and stop rocks from chipping away at it, you’ll never have to worry about what happens while driving.

With matte PPF, you can enjoy a unique look for your vehicle. However, if..
The price of Paint Protection Film (PPF) can vary drastically depending on your area, the reputation the installer has, the experience the installer has and the quality of film they are using


STEK DYNOshield (Audi RS5)

Installing PPF film

Enhance and Protect Your Vehicle with PPF Installation!

Why Choose Our PPF Installation?

-Premium Quality: Our PPF is crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring robust protection against stone chips, bug splatter, and harsh weather conditions.

-Invisible Shield: Enjoy a crystal-clear finish! Our PPF is virtually invisible, preserving your car's original aesthetics while providing unbeatable defense.

-Expert Installation: Our skilled technicians have a keen eye for detail. Trust us to install PPF seamlessly, leaving no room for imperfections.

-Long-lasting Protection: Shield your investment! Our PPF offers long-lasting protection, keeping your vehicle looking new for years to come.

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