Orange County, California

Today is a big day! Like the stork bringing a fragile newborn to caring parents, Elon Musk's top delivery team will ship your new Tesla to you today, and it will arrive in absolutely pristine, perfect condition...unless it isn't. Tesla policy sets a 72-hour deadline to report these manufacturer defects. After that they are your problem.

The paint on my Tesla is perfect. So, how do we keep this going? Protecting your Tesla's delicate paint job starts with Nano Ceramic Coating. There are literally billions of bugs, birds, and other natural troublemakers out there just waiting to ruin your paint job—not to mention the dirt and debris that's bound to kick up wherever you drive. Nano Ceramic Coating has been proven to protect against these hazards better than any conventional paste wax and give your car a stunning glossy finish. Now you can ride around town in style... without spending weekends waxing your car.

We can protect everything external to your Tesla. Everything you need - with an easy-to-clean hydrophobic ceramic coating. We can provide proper maintenance and decontamination services to remove any dirt, dust, oil and other debris that may arise to keep your Tesla ceramic coating performing at its best.

Ceramic coating is great. Paint Protection Film is Better!

Our Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a thermoplastic polyurethane material approximately 100 times thicker than ceramic coatings, wrapping your Tesla in a soft protective film. PPF is designed to deflect road grime and heal itself from minor scratches. Our PPF combined with Ceramic Coat provides the ultimate glossy, easy-to-clean protection for your Tesla paint finish.

Paint protection films can withstand just about all the abuse in the world before the actual color takes its toll. A rock thrown half way or scratched in a parking lot doesn't have to mean a nightmare of color matching, repainting, mixing and hoping no one notices. We simply remove and replace damaged PPF panels ourselves and you can get back in business. (If your Tesla somehow gets involved in a fairground demolition derby, don't expect your paint to miraculously stay intact. Even PPF can only do so much.) Where should the PPF be placed on my Tesla? Where your precious Tesla paint is most vulnerable, you need the protection of PPF. Of course, that means the entire front end, including the hood, fenders, bumper, lights and mirrors, as they are constantly battered by potentially harmful debris from the road.

STEK DYNOshield gives you a beautiful, flawless finish without frequent trips to the detailer.

I might as well just wrap the whole car, right?

Full car film? Great idea! Only with a full body PPF wrap will you be able to take full advantage of the hydrophobicity and self-healing capabilities of our PPF. You can also provide protection for areas of your vehicle where individual PPF panels may be exposed with a seamless, clean, custom installation.

You can drive a shiny new Tesla in any environment because you know it will stay that way.

Can I really drive my TESLA now?
Yes! Yes! You've been waiting needle and needle on this car since the day you ordered it (probably before). By sending it to us as soon as you receive it, you can ensure it is as protected as possible. Now you can finally enjoy it - take it out, stretch its legs (tyres?), and see what it can do. Once you go to Tesla, you never want to go back. Enjoy your beautiful vehicle and please don't hesitate to contact us if there is anything else we can do to help preserve it.
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