Review about professional excellence in Orange County

Las Vegas, NV

I went to Master Protection Films 4 days ago for my Tesla Model Y full car PPF and met Miras and Zami, the shop owners, the shop is clean and they are very friendly, professional, and responsive, the quote is very reasonable as well, because this is the first time I do PPF for my car, I know nothing of it, they first tried to make me understand the difference between glossy and Matte, the STEK brand ( they are the authorized retail of STEK) the material of PPF, the advantages and disadvantages of each option, their products, and patiently explain to me how they will work with my car, and gave me some recommendations, especially Miras told he me he only handle one car at a time so he can be more focus on it, this make me feel comfortable to give them my whole new Tesla model Y, 4 days later as they promised I picked up my car ( I went with matte, the DYNOmatte) and I can feel they really took care of my car well and handled all the edges with flawless and also handle the wing area by just one piece of PPF ( most shops do two,so in some cases you will see a connected line between the 2 pieces of PPF), he also told me how to do the maintenance of PPF and the ceramic coating fashion, if you want to do PPF with your lovely car, Master Protection Firms will not let you down ! In the near future I will still have them take care of my 2nd car, I am glad that I come to the right shop and I am very satisfied with how Miras handled my car (as attached)Thank you Miras and Zami for your great service and I enjoyed the wonderful PPF ! Hope to see you soon !

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