Review about excellent value in Orange County

Lake Forest, CA

Great services, very friendly and best of all very great pricing compare to other shops in the area. At first i was thrown off by the pricing as it seems too good to be true, but luck would have it i found a hidden gem in the wild. Small family own shop with great work and care for your cars and needs. I went here to check them out, asked questions and got answers. Had my brand new not even a week old tesla model y full body wrapped in stek dynomatt ppf film along with tinting done. I have had ppf done in previous car elsewhere, but was in no way compare to the meticulous and skillful workmanship at MPF. My car came out better than expected upon delivery. Highly recommended as you cant get any better when it comes to pricing, materials, and work. Normally you would get maybe two of the three things i mention, but hard to get the full 100% mark and here we are with just that Master Protection Films. You will not be disappointed. Miras and zumi are very awesome people to work with.

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