Review about cost-saving expertise in Orange County

Santa Monica, CA

I came across MPF after doing tons of research on PPF and ceramic coating. Originally, I planned on getting my car completely covered with PPF but I didn't realize how expensive this could get. After looking up a few reputable places I read review after review and narrowed down my choice to MPF. I filled out the form online and Zami contacted me the following day. He sent me an email full of information on both PPF that I honestly never took into consideration. He actually suggested what came out to be a cheaper option and that was to go with PPF in the front where the most impact from road debris is taken to complement that for the remainder of the car. He actually saved me tons of money with the idea so I am very thankful to that.

The fact that Miras actually care about their customers is what made me leave a full five stars. I will definitely be bringing my future vehicles to Vive.

As far as the STEK Dynoshield on the front end I will let the photos speak for themselves!

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