Installing PPF on a G Wagon. Don't use Precut

Does the Installer “Bulk” or “Plot” When looking for an installer you want to ask them how they cut out there PPF. When you perform what’s called a “Bulk” it involves taking a large square section of film, applying it on the car, than using a knife to cut out all of the excess. Due to the peculiarities of the body of the Mercedes Benz G-wagen (G63, G65, G550), it is by this method that the PPF must be installed. We have special offer for G-wagon owners. This is one of the hardest vehicle to install PPF. We do not recommend using Precut as all edges will be unprotected. We have extensive experience in installing PPF on this particular model. All of our PPF installations include heavily wrapped and tucked edges for the most invisible installation possible. I attached some photos. Pay attention to the edges. This is very important if you want the best result. If you are comparing different shop, I would recommend asking them how they do the edges on G-wagen

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