Everything You Need to Know About PPF /Orange County, California

What is PPF?

The STEK-USA paint protection film we offer is the best solution to protect your new Car. Paint Protection Film is a clear polyurethane film that absorbs impact damage and prevents rock chipping. You don't have to worry about what's going on while driving.
STEK comes with a 10-year warranty, making it an affordable option even in the long run. You can drive with peace of mind knowing your vehicle is protected without worrying about damaging it every time you drive.

Why is it important to your car?

The automotive market is growing faster than ever. You'd think the paint should be better than the price you pay, right? Incorrect. We are seeing much thinner clear coats on vehicles than ever before. This means your Car's paint will weaken over time and peel more easily because the paint is so thin. We also saw another common problem specific to Tesla. The low ride height combined with the large, flat front end makes them more susceptible to damage from flying debris.

Tesla's wheels protrude from under the car's body panels. This can send flying debris down the side of your paint at 100 mph.

When should I apply Paint Protection Film (PPF) to my vehicle?

I always recommend purchasing a paint protection film as soon as you receive your vehicle. Teslas with double-digit mileage are often seen entering the store to escort them. It is best to bring us a brand new vehicle to avoid damage. If the vehicle is damaged while you are driving it unprotected, we need to fix it. Not only does this increase the cost of this service, but we can never guarantee that these markings will not be more visible.

If you decide to wait until your vehicle has a paint protection film, there is a good chance that damage will occur within that time frame. If this is the case and you have to pay it back, the PPF can actually make the mistake more obvious than it was before.

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